Salesboard Industries

Salesboard is used in a variety of industries, and with a variety of set ups. What all our customers have in common is that the face to face pitch is an important part of the sales cycle. The face to face pitch ultimately is the moment where your customer makes the decision to do business with you or not.

Salesboard is completely focussed around this moment. Your reps have the data they need to know where to go and the content they need to deliver a successful pitch and make the conversion.

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Managing and optimizing residential door to door and SME campaigns.

Improve storytelling and optimize direct dialogue fundraising.

Up-sell & cross-sell to existing customers, win back campaigns, enroll new customers.

Managing and optimizing residential door-to-door and SME campaigns. Up-sell & cross-sell.

Publish presentations to improve customer facing sessions. Record meeting feedback and sync back to your CRM.

Publish digital brochures, record meeting feedback and sync back to your CRM.