Salesboard for Charity


Salesboard for Charity & NGO's

Charities and NGO’s face a lot of challenges when rolling out or managing a direct dialogue fundraising campaign. Whether you are running campaigns to gather on-off donations or structural donors, on an event, door-to-door or kiosk, win-back or cold canvassing, rest assured that with Salesboard you'll get the most out of the channel.

We have tons of international experience in the Charity and NGO sector and we will be able to get you up to speed quickly and efficiently. A Salesboard account can be set up within 2 days and any required integrations with your operational systems will be completed in a matter of weeks.

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Send the fundraisers to the right spot

To get the most out of your expensive face-to-face marketing channel, you have to deliver the right pitch on the right spot. You currently share postcode areas or lead lists with your partners via phone, paper sheets and excel sheets. Or you don't get involved at all and let your partners or fundraisers in the field handle all the decision making. You don't share your knowledge about your target groups with your partners. And vice versa, your fundraisers don't capture anything in the field and share with you.

As a result, you don’t have a clear overview of the activities in the field. It's a black box: you only count incoming new donors but you don't have any controls to improve your channel. A status quo that leads to a very expensive sales channel with huge dependencies on others and responsibilities where they don't belong.

How Salesboard helps

Advanced territory management. On the worldmap in the Salesboard Management Area, divide your playground into geographical territories and allocates those to your fundraisers or fundraising partners. Your fundraising partners can pick up from there and further divide the territories amongst their own offices or teams.

Easy distribution of relevant data. You can upload lists of relevant data (demographic data, former one-off donors, former structural donors etc) into the Management Area. We will then geocode the database using our worldwide geographical database and display the data on the map for the fundraisers.

Lead lists. All addresses within the allocated territories will be available to the fundraisers on their tablet in the Salesboard app. Based on the data you’ve added, the pins are color coded on the map so your direct dialogue team knows exactly where to go and what to avoid.
Realtime insights. Reports in the Salesboard Management Area offer real-time insight in the locations of your fundraisers, the amount of pitches they have done on an event or doors that where knocked, number of new donors that have been registered, etc. You will collect very valuable data that you can analyze and learn from.

Typical results

Performance based managing of sales reps.
15-35% increase in fundraising conversions.
10-30% lower cancellation rates.
Up to 50% more quality visits per day per sales rep.

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Challenge: deliver the perfect pitch with up to date marketing collateral

You want the fundraisers to tell your story. Distributing new versions of the marketing collateral however is challenging, time consuming and costly, especially if you work together with multiple fundraising partners or if you have offices in multiple locations. Changing your presentations or donation forms overnight is almost impossible. So, outdated marketing campaigns are showed during the pitch, registration forms come in with wrong data and the fundraisers don’t have the information they need to present and represent your cause the way you want them to.

How Salesboard helps

Advanced content management system. Upload or update content in your own look & feel in the Salesboard Management Area and publish realtime to the teams in the field in a few clicks. Differentiate the content per campaign and / or per team. If content is critical, don't allow the fundraisers to deliver a pitch until they have updated.

A/B testing to determine which campaign works best. Differentiate the content per team and track which campaign results in the most high-value donors.

Insight in the story that is told. Salesboard knows which content has been used and is presented by the fundraisers during their pitch. Analyse which presentations and other sales collateral is used and how they contribute to your conversions.

Typical results

Up to 90% reduction of content distribution costs.
15-35% increase of fundraising conversions.
 Improved data to coach your sales teams.
 Increase in the number of high-value donors

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Challenge: smooth and error free registration and quick first collection

When registering a new donor, you want to receive clean customer data and you want to offer a smooth onboarding process. Fundraiser make mistakes when signing up a customer and paper contracts do get lost every so often. The process of collecting all the paper contracts, validating and verifying the data, then manually entering all the data in files or systems and sending the welcome email or package might take days and the first collection might take up unto one month. Not to speak about the high error margin and costs involved. All in all not a smooth customer journey.

How Salesboard helps

Validation of data before the donor signs. You create your own forms in the Management Area and align field validations with the validations of your existing (ERP) systems. We will create the first forms for you and train you how to make changes.

Sign agreements on the tablet. Registration forms are signed right on the tablet and then synced to the Salesboard Management Area in real-time.

Automatically forward copies of the agreement via the Salesboard API’s. With the Salesboard API's, all data will be completely integrated in your business processes. For example, we can send the data to your Third Party Verification (TPV) vendor and/or ERP system. Connect to your e-mail server to send a welcome e-mail and copy of the registration form to the donor immediately. Talking about a smooth user journey.

Typical results

Typical first collection within a few days.
Error free data, no more cancellations due to incorrect data.
Up to 70% lower fulfillment costs.
Improved customer experience.
Up to 50% lower cancellations.

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