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The leading field sales app that improves the end-to-end quality of your field sales channel

A Perfect Pitch

Of course you want your field sales reps to deliver the perfect pitch every single time there's customer interaction. So you provide them with up to date and appealing content that they can use in the sales pitch. The Salesboard app is famous for its intuitive navigation methodologies, supporting a fast-paced pitch in a natural way.

A perfect field sales pitch
Sales leads on the map

Leads and regions visualized

Your field sales teams have a clear map of assigned leads and regions which helps them to get the most out of their working day. Colored lead pins help them to easily decide if an address should be visited or should be avoided. Salesboard automatically loads this information based on the actual location of the sales rep. You will have access to complete global address databases.

Enrollment forms

You can build any form using our graphical Form Builder interface. Add one or more signature fields and start accepting new digital enrollments. Use tables or remote lookups to include dynamic content like pricing or product variations on your contracts. We will populate the form with any data we already have, like the address, making the enrollment as easy and quick as possible.

Digital signature on the iPad
Live field sales reports

Live Field Sales Reports

You know that field sales is a number game. So we make sure you have all the data to base your decisions on. You will know where your reps are, you know what content has been used and which content did contribute to conversions. You know how many pitches have been delivered, how many converted and which teams are most successful. You can basically manage your field sales campaigns in the same way you manage your online channel.

Easy Content Management

Publishing presentations to the field is as simple as dropping a file on the canvas, selecting teams and hitting the publish button. Salesboard accepts most file formats like PPT, PDF, XLS, MPEG-4 so you can use your existing slides. You can up-sell and cross-sell to your existing customer base with a different pitch. You can A/B test your content to optimize conversions. Involve your marketing team and give them access to the Content Management area. Never before were you able to steer your field sales efforts in such a direct way.

Sales content management
Sales address database

Address Database

With our best of class global address and postcode database you can easily create regions anywhere in the world. And when your field sales reps are within the assigned region, we will supply them with all addresses, merged with any data you already have.

Third Party Connections

You can use Salesboard out of the box, there is no implementation or set-up required at all. However, you can integrate Salesboard with other systems easily. For example, you may want to automatically submit new enrollments to a third party verification (TPV) vendor before you further process enrollments. Or you may want to sync lead data from your CRM vendor like Salesforce or Dynamics. We have most of these connections ready for you. And with our straightforward API's you can connect Salesboard to any system.

Salesboard industries

The leading tablet solution for field sales activities. Your sales reps will efficiently operate their assigned area, use up-to-date, company branded sales collateral and sign up contracts with validated data on the spot, while you watch their progress in the realtime reports and grow your business based on the valuable market information that will be captured.

Managing and optimizing residential door to door and SME campaigns.

Improve storytelling and optimize direct dialogue fundraising.

Up-sell & cross-sell to existing customers, win back campaigns, enroll new customers.

Managing and optimizing residential door-to-door and SME campaigns. Up-sell & cross-sell.

Publish presentations to improve customer facing sessions. Record meeting feedback and sync back to your CRM.

Publish digital brochures, record meeting feedback and sync back to your CRM.